Dr. Steven Collins, DOM, Lac, has been practicing Chinese medicine since 2001. Focusing on acupuncture, tuina, qi kung and other tools from the toolbox of Chinese medicine, he treats many complaints including pain of all sorts, fatigue and “sticky” diseases. Dr. Collins is well regarded in the medical community and by his patients.

Dr. Collins, began his medical studies in the mid-eighties. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in psychology, he became a paramedic. He worked in Las Vegas and in Florida for eight years prior to becoming the Director of Continuing Education for Emergency Medicine of Valencia College in Orlando. After becoming a Registered Nurse, Dr. Collins accepted the position of Education Director for Highlands Hospital in North Carolina. He worked in the areas of chemical dependency, psychology and emergency medicine.

In 1997, he pursued the study of Chinese medicine. Following his 2001 graduation from Northwestern Health Sciences University, one of the leading schools of Chinese medicine in the country, Dr. Collins was asked to join that faculty. He became board-certified to practice and had a successful private practice in Oakdale, Minnesota before returning to practice in Florida. Dr. Collins’ work has appeared in national publications and he has lectured across the country on a number of aspects of Chinese medicine including tuina and herb-drug interactions. He is currently authoring a text on enhancing communication between health care professionals and their patients or colleagues.

In addition to practicing Chinese medicine, Steve teaches Southern Chinese kung fu and in March of 2007 was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He is an accomplished magician and performer and has been recognized as one of the top-10 magicians in the State of Florida.

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