I started acupuncture  on 3/31/2014  was having pain 10+ in Neck, decide to try acupuncture rather than surgery.
I went twice week through April my pain level kept going down In May decide to try once a week.
My pain level was down 1-2 which is very tolerable middle of May told Jim was going to try not coming unless
pain came back. I highly recommend Sun City Center Integrative Medicine they are very professional Dr. Greenberg
knows  what he’s doing. It’s now middle of June the pain has not came back, still use Sombra Cream & White Flower Oil
as needed.
Dorothy M. Myers
Betty. I was in considerable pain with my arthritis in both knees so bad I could barely walk. I tried conventional methods; cortisone shots, pain relievers, wearing pain patches. Nothing was working. I was considering knee replacement. I researched the internet and discovered that acupuncture had worked for some people. I made an appointment with Dr. Bragg. I felt immediate relief in one knee after first visit. By the third visit, I wasn’t taking any pain relievers or wearing my patches. My friends and family were amazed when they saw me walking normally after such short time. I appreciated Dr. Bragg explaining acupuncture. What it is, how it works, and any procedure she used on my knees. Dr. Bragg has a calming presence. I feel relaxed but energized when I leave her office and I have no pain! I recommend Dr. Bragg and acupuncture to all my friends, family and acquaintances.

John. I am 74 years of age, who until about mid-May of this year enjoyed reasonable good health and an active lifestyle for someone my age.  I was afflicted with a sore throat, which failed to respond to a first course of an anti-biotic, and I had just starting on a second course of a different anti-biotic when I awoke one morning with the right side of my face paralyzed and severely drooping. During a subsequent visit with my medical doctor, I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy (BP).  Along with the classic symptoms of BP, I also developed the rarer symptom of imbalance exhibited by some BP patients. My primary care prescribed an immediate course of prednisone, which has been shown to be effective in treating BP if administered quickly after the onset of BP symptoms.  He also recommended that I undergo a treatment protocol consisting of physical therapy and acupuncture. During the past three months of my treatment, which consisted of physical therapy (using E-Stim and muscle strengthening exercises) three times a week, and the skillful application of once a week acupuncture treatments by Dr. Reyna Bragg, I have now recovered about 80% of my former facial muscle control, and I am now able to walk without the use of a walker. I strongly believe that my primary care physician and Dr. Bragg’s careful blending of both western and eastern medicinal protocols has contributed greatly to my rapid recovery.  As of this date, I am continuing to make noticeable weekly gains in my health.

Kathy.I am Dr. Reyna Happiest Patient. 6 years ago cancer came back in my leg, Stage 3, MOFFITT removed grapefruit size tumor behind knee followed by the chemo and radiation. My foot to knee was swollen, purple colored 24/7 pain and disturbed sleep. I went on and on to Moffitt about it, they replied ‘LIVE WITH IT, NOTHING CAN BE DONE” Dr. Reyna after 6 weeks got my leg to where no pain, no swelling. Moffitt forced me into retirement, my brain was going to mosh, and I am only 67. I got where I couldn’t think. I knew if I didn’t change and keep brain working dementia was sure to follow. Last week, I accepted my dream job “position” and I will now work 40 hours a week for a municipality. Dr. Reyna empowered my legs, brain and my soul. One must listen to her words as well because she is very wise

Dana.Dr.Reyna Bragg was exceptional! I went to see her for intense lower back pain, chronic migraines and MS symptoms. She was extremely professional, walked me through everything she did and explained why. I felt wonderful afterwards. I recommend her services. She is fantastic.

Maureen. Dr. Reyna you are a gift from God. I am so blessed to have a treatment from you. “I feel so open from my treatment” I love your spirit. Om & peace!

Becky. Dr. Reyna Bragg is an amazing doctor. I had horrible pain in my elbow and she walked me through everything she was doing and in only one visit, she was able to heal the issue. She is extremely respectful, professional, and thorough in her work and I recommend her to anyone who is in pain or is suffering. She’s the best!

Janet.  Dr. Reyna Bragg is an exceptional and a wonderful physician. She provides a caring attitude towards her patients and community. I have attended her community and public lectures and consider her to be a wonderful speaker.

Susan. I am 62 years old with lower back pain on my L5/4. I met Dr. Reyna Bragg, my Acupuncturist 1 week after my father passed. She called it a “transition to his next journey” which made me feel better and eased my mourning. That was 6 months ago. Acupuncture is very relaxing and I can feel my muscles become less “tight” during my sessions. Acupuncture has also helped with my breathing, relaxing techniques and my attitude about pain. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who is considering it

Dr. C Fatic. AP DOM  Reyna is not only a fantastic practitioner but also a wonderful person in general. Very caring and always with a smile on her face, you will feel as if you’re visiting an old friend who always has your best interest at heart

Edward.  I saw Dr. Bragg for my foot pain and while she was looking at my foot before performing her acupuncture treatment, she said that my foot was swollen and suspected a foreign object lodged underneath the pad tissue of my foot.  She immediately reffered me to a local specialist and the foreign object was removed to prevent further damage to the tissue and prevent infection. I am thankful for her attentiveness and recognizing that a referral was needed for proper care.

Virginia. Dr Reyna Bragg is amazing. One morning while cleaning my kitchen counters, I must have twisted wrong and immediately felt my lower back spasm. I sat around and eventually went to exercise and then to the hot tub to try to make my back feel better but, nothing helped. The next morning upon waking, I sat down and felt something pinch in my already painful lower back and all the way down my outer leg to and including my toes. This was a Saturday morning. I’m not one to panic and run to a doctor or hospital or urgent care, I rubbed Stop Pain on my lower back and upper buttocks and tried to walk with a cane, thinking I might be able to walk it off like I have done with less severe instances in the past.. No sleep on Saturday or Sunday nights and I was getting pretty cranky, I had seen an ad in the local weekly newspaper (Observer) on Acupuncture. I called first thing on Monday morning and was immediately given an appointment.I’m from the wilds of East Central Ohio and there was not an acupuncture clinic within a couple counties from where we lived so, this was a totally new experience for me. Dr. Bragg took the time upon meeting me and explained many things to me about herself and her practices of Acupuncture. Then, she showed me some of the points on the human body posters with the points and circulations shown. Then, she started her magic. Relaxation and the soothing music were part of the appointment and I felt much better when she was done with me. I did go home and take it easy but, to my thrilling surprise. I went to bed and slept great that night. I went again that week and again once the following week and then we started spacing the visits out. (I admit, I have done the chiropractor thing where you go back several day’s in the same week and every week and they just want you to keep coming back. I never had much relief from any chiropractor work as usually what they fixed went right back out of place. ) I have never been back to where the pain was when I hurt my back with Dr. Bragg watching over me. She has added things she felt I needed and changed it up a little to help some touchy places. I went close to three weeks without a visit when I had to travel out of state just a few weeks after starting treatment from her. I’ve recently had surgery for a totally different problem but, when I get a twinge with my lower back, she has shown me where to apply the “magic potion” she provided and how to apply it to different areas. i.e., rub up on the outer leg etc. and within a few hours I have totally forgotten the pain was rearing its head. I highly recommend acupuncture and especially Dr. Bragg. Like I said, I’m not big on doctors, drugs, shots, etc. But, I feel the acupuncture is allowing my body to help itself. Thank You Dr. Bragg.

Robert. Dr. Bragg’s Eastern procedures are a good alternative for pain combine relief from Western surgeries and pain medications.

Theresa. A testimonial on acupuncture and chronic illness. I normally do not provide testimonials for anyone, though for Eastern and Western medicine combined needs to be heard.  As a patient with lifelong Rheumatoid Arthritis I have been through many different treatments for it and all the additional autoimmune problems it has caused.  To set the record straight Rheumatoid Arthritis is not the same as Osteoarthritis which is the wear and tear of your joints. RA is an autoimmune disease that has no cure along with the other 200+ autoimmune diseases.  I was diagnosed when I was 13 years old and I am now 53 years young, during the 40 years of this disease I have tried every type of medication from the FDA to those conjured miracle treatments, some with a pretty hefty price tag to them.  This year I finally made a decision to try Eastern medicine as a compliment to the traditional Western medicine. I was very skeptical for years about Acupuncture, mainly because every insurance company denied the treatment. Of course they rule the healthcare world for those of us with long term chronic illness and pain. So for years I stuck with traditional medications, physical therapy, light exercising and eventually chiropractic and massage therapy. I have found this treatment plan to be limiting and still having pain from sore tendons, nerves and muscles.  I have recurring tennis elbow and have had two surgeries on both of my elbows to release these tendons; to my surprise the tendons can grow back and reattach to the bone causing the tennis elbow again. The typical injection and physical therapy after 12 weeks was not working. I was not sure what else I could do besides another surgery. This is when my primary physician recommended Dr. Reyna Bragg of Living Well Acupuncture, PA. I discussed this option with my insurance company and found that now Eastern medicine is covered providing it is performed in the same office as a Western Medical doctor. So I signed up and since then I am a weekly patient of Dr. Bragg. She has introduced me to many other eastern techniques that incorporate my Tai Chi and Qigong into my acupuncture therapy. After 4 treatments to my elbow I have no remaining pain or discomfort in my right arm. She has also worked on my right hip where I suffer from chronic bursitis; this is so minimal now it doesn’t prevent me from taking daily walks. I continue to receive acupuncture for my sleeping disability (not sleep apnea), and I have been getting a more restful night sleep as we continue to treat it. If you find yourself on pain medications as I have been for many years; just the thought of not taking so many in a day is worth the time and investment. I no longer depend on opiates for my daily pain; instead I use it for breakthrough now. This is a testament to pain management where acupuncture is concerned as I was taking 5 pain pills per day of Hydrocodone 10×325 and now I take 1. The enlightenment Dr. Bragg has brought me in releasing the pain from the control points with her little needles. I am no longer a skeptic and I have asked for additional assistance with the ringing in my ears and other ailments that limit my ability to live a normal life.  What do you have to lose? Try it for a few weeks, I am going to bet you will like it and it will be an enhancement to your course of treatment regimen. I am now a firm believer in Eastern and Western Medicines together can help even those with chronic pain and illnesses find some relief. I am also very active in the Autoimmune Community and have counseled others to try this approach; I had started a few years ago with Tai Chi for Fibromyalgia patients and others with RA. Now, I am adding acupuncture to the Eastern side of this treatment.