A special THANK YOU to Dr. Panyada Sachs D.O.M., Angie L.M.T. and the wonderful staff at Sun city Center Health and Wellness. I knew that my many years of neuropathy causing me numerous pain management issues literally from head to toe was going to be a big challenge for any acupuncturist and did not expect to see significant results from therapy for several weeks. Dr. Sachs is an excellent and very compassionate Doctor. She was committed to healing me listened very carefully to truly understand how to treat and alleviate my pain which she significantly reduced after only two treatments along with massage therapy. I highly recommend Dr. Sachs, Angie L.M.T. and the SCC Health and Wellness team to everyone seeking pain relief and overall wellness!
Deb F.

I have had acupuncture for my chronic cough several times and Dr Sachs is by far THE BEST!  She is very professional and explains what she is doing. I am recommending her to all of my friends.

I started acupuncture  on 3/31/2014  was having pain 10+ in Neck, decide to try acupuncture rather than surgery.
I went twice week through April my pain level kept going down In May decide to try once a week.
My pain level was down 1-2 which is very tolerable middle of May told Jim was going to try not coming unless
pain came back. I highly recommend Sun City Center Integrative Medicine they are very professional the Doctors 
know  what they’re doing. It’s now middle of June the pain has not came back, still use Sombra Cream & White Flower Oil
as needed.
Dorothy M. Myers

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