Amy Shea DOM

Dr. Amy Shea LAc, DOM 

Is a Florida state licensed practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and is Nationally Board Certified in Oriental Medicine through the NCCAOM. 

Amy’s focus is on providing patients with integrative comprehensive care, treating a variety of conditions and symptoms. In her practice she uses acupuncture, cupping, herbology, injection therapy, and deep tissue manipulation, all to bring about harmony to the body through natural healing. She brings over 25 years of experience treating patients through various healing arts. 

Prior to receiving her degree in Oriental Medicine, Amy had a successful practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist for 15 years. 

Amy received her Bachelor of Healing Arts Degree after completing a four-year program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami. As a Brennan practitioner she was trained to interact with her patients energy field, combining high sense perception skills to support the patient in clearing, balancing, and renewing the energy field that supports their physical and emotional health. 

Her integrative approach to whole body healing addresses many patient issues including back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, anxiety, stress relief, insomnia, headaches, fibromyalgia, and many other internal and external pathologies. 

As a primary care provider, Amy provides each patient with a unique integrative, individual, and holistic approach to their healing needs.