Qi Gong with L. Daline Dudley MEd., M.S.W., LCSW

Daline “DAY” Dudley

Qigong (Chi-Gong) is the ancient Chinese health care system that integrates slow, easy body movement, deep breathing and mental focus. The result is a deep and profound sense of relaxation.

Consistent practice will raise your level of physical and mental health while affecting your brain wave activity for a relaxed state of well being. Many participants comment that it reduces stress,

These self-healing activities can compliment any course of medical treatment including Acupuncture, prescription medications, herbal medications, chemo therapy, radiation therapy and other bio-medical interventions.

Daline Dudley is a Certified Instructor credentialed with the NATIONAL QIGONG ASSOSCIATION for almost 30 years!

We at SUN CITY CENTER HEALTH AND WELLNESS are fortunate to have such a learned Master and offer her gifts to you.

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